We are WeDIR-Tech

Our buldings are inspired by the challenge of balancing function & beauty .

About Us


At Wedir-Tech we are understanding the market demand and we are flexible, responsive and solution focused with the highest standards in customer service. We firmly believe our long-term success relies on our ability to recognize market demand, future trends, adapt quickly trends in the market, build our internal capabilities in all disciplines to cater the need and professionally execute projects on schedule and budget with exceeding the Quality as per the industry standards.

At Wedir-Tech we have dynamic, experienced professional engineers starved to excel and serve the market. Our vision is to fill the gap in the construction market and provide outstanding customer service in every aspect of project life. We always make sure any customer worked with us will stay with us in future by providing a service which exceed their expectation. Our services start from the planning stage, design and drawings preparation, procurement, supply, installation and Facility management.

Company Motto

Our company motto, “We Do It Right”, express the Mission Statement and our Core Values & Objectives as its base and captures the spirit and energy that inspire us to start WeDIR-Tech. “We Do It Right”, goes right to the heart of the company’s passion for excellence and continual improvement.

Company Name

Our Company Name “WeDIR” is derived from this spirit of achievement and doing it right, We Do It Right. The word “We” taken as it is, and the first letters of our Motto added to form WeDIR.


Our mission is to be a trusted, successful Electro-Mechanical (MEP) solution provider, with core values of quality, customer & employee satisfaction, with continuous improvement and with doing what we do in the right manner first time and every time.